End of Financial Year

The following applies for customers with financial year ending April 1st 2021.

Only a couple of days remain in this financial year (for most of us), please find following some suggestions towards tidying the system and reports to print out on the 1st April 2021 to assist you and your accountant/financial controllers. Prior to the 1st April you can start with the following tidy up jobs to make the new year a clean start. If you took over your establishment part way through the financial year replace the start date of 010420 with your take over date.

Unallocated Debtor Transactions

Go to >> Accounts, Debtors, Full Debtors, Unallocated Transactions

Print the list and go into the first debtor on the list through Debtors, Process Receipts.
F5 to adjust/delete, arrow to the credit/receipt shown on your unallocated transactions list.
Press Enter, Press Insert, arrow to the invoice the credit/receipt belongs to and enter on it twice.
Escape out.

Repeat the above steps until all unallocated transactions have been dealt to. There are of course exceptions to the rule... Where a credit/receipt is a prepayment, overpayment then the transaction will not be able to be allocated and you do not need to worry about it.

Non-House Accounts

Go to >> F3 from Main Window, Tab to Non-House Accounts (or Post To Guest, Non-House Accounts)

Check-out any unnecessary non-house accounts in the system. Be it late check-out accounts, staff accounts, conference accounts, etc. Check out any accounts not required by going to Check out By Guest if nil balance or if they can be charged check them out as well.

If the non-house accounts are continuing accounts you can also press F8 (or click Finalise Invoice) in the Check-Out screen which clears the invoice and sends it to invoice history but the account stays checked in opposed to pressing F9 (Check-Out) and checking the whole account out along with the invoice.

Management/Office Calls

Go to >> Reports, Daily, Call Costing Reports, Extension Call Totals

Clear the phone extensions that belong to the office, main console, kitchen, bedroom, cordless etc. Go to Post to Guest, Enter on Room Number and type in name for your office/phone account.  If you don't already have one, go to Check In, Walk In Guest, Guest Name:  Office, F9 to accept.
P for post calls, F6 to set extension, type in the first extension ie. 800 for main console, F8 to tag all, F9 to accept.

Remember if at the bottom right of the screen it shows 150+ calls then you will need to repeat the above posting procedure until all calls have been posted. Post all office/management extensions and when all calls have been posted put on a Telephone/Tolls transaction with a minus amount equaling the balance of the office account.

Check the account out as part of the morning procedure, or Check-Out by Guest if doing this procedure in the afternoon.

End of Year Suggested Reports
(to be printed after Rollover (Daily Ageing) on 1st April)

On the 1st April, after you have done your daily ageing, printed statements (if necessary), and aged the debtors. We recommend you print two copies of the following reports. These reports also assist your accountant. One copy to keep for yourself and the other for your accountant/financial controller.

  • Balance Report for 2020/2021 financial year
    >> Reports, Management, Balance Reports, Selected Dates, 010420 start - to 310321.
  • Balance Report for 010420 - showing opening ledger balances for 2020
    >> Reports, Management, Old Daily Reports, Balance Report, April 20, 1st.
  • Balance Report for 310321 - showing closing ledger balances for 2021
    >> Reports, Management, Old Daily Reports, Balance Report, April 21, 1st.
  • Guest Ledger Report
    >> Reports, Daily, Guest Ledger
  • Deposits Ledger Report
    >> Reports, Daily, Deposits Ledger
  • Aged Trial Balance opening for 2020
    >> Accounts, Debtors, Full Debtors, Old Reports, Trial Balance, 010420.
  • Aged Trial Balance closing for 2021
    >> Accounts, Debtors, Full Debtors, Old Reports, Trial Balance, 010421.

If you wish to be ultra conservative with your backups, store a copy of your daily backup for 1st April (you can do as many daily backups as you wish at any given time) with your print-outs.


That's all for now. We wish all of our clients a successful 2021/2022 financial year.

Regards - The Team at Roonsoft

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